太多天堂 - 風雲新血豪華版 (CD+DVD)
In Control Reloaded
2009/04/10 | AVICD60471DC
德國電視實境節目Big in America轟動出道,媒體公認「歐洲正宗男孩團體」!新血團員Vince文森加入後 魅力升級全新豪華版專輯。[新版CD 15曲收錄]翻唱情歌經典經典《Too Much Heaven》。Bee Gees比吉斯「羅賓吉柏Robin Gibb」特別跨刀。08年終強勢攻站德國單曲榜新單曲《Round And Round》。再加9首「In Control風雲登場」未收錄新曲。與新血團員Vince重新演繹版2大熱門單曲。[DVD超長收錄]《Too Much Heaven》、《Round And Round》MV及幕後花絮 特別收錄105分鐘US5成員假期私密貼身生活紀實 。 ※緊急收錄: In Control Tour歐洲演唱會花絮(新曲If You Leave配樂)
1 Round And Round
2 Don't Let Me Go
3 Why
4 The Rain
5 As good As It Gets
6 Work Your Body
7 Bad Girl
8 I'm With You
9 Be My Girl friend
10 Baby Be Mine
11 What About
12 If You Leave
13 One Night With You (Vince Version)
14 Rhythm Of Life (Vince Version)
15 Too Much Heaven (feat. Robin Gibb) (Vince Version)
1 Round And Round PV
2 Too Much Heaven MAKING OF IT
3 Round And Round MAKING OF IT
4 Too Much Heaven PV