May J.

Cinema Song Covers [English Version]

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實力唱將May J.推出第4張翻唱專輯《Cinema Song Covers [English Version]》!繼《Summer Ballad Covers》、《Heartful Song Covers 》、《Sweet Song Covers》,May J.陸續發表過各式主題的翻唱。本次則是精選了多首家喻戶曉的電影名曲,以交響樂團或弦樂四重奏、不插電等方式伴奏呈現,在May J.柔美的歌聲中,靜靜重溫電影名場景!
1 Another Day of Sun (with Miracle Vell Magic & Beverly)
2 Listen
3 Never Enough
4 I Will Always Love You
5 Calling You
6 I Dreamed A Dream (new vocal)
7 Time To Say Goodbye